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Results of General Election of MIE MASJID MICC President 2010-2011 February 28, 2010

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Alhamdullilah, on after Maghrib February 28, 2010 at Mie masjid, We have carried out general election for president of Mie Masjid-MICC 2010-2011. The attendees were about 15 brothers from 3-Bangladesh, 3-Indonesia, 5-Malaysia, 2-Pakistan and 2-Srilanka. First of all, Bro. Nawawi as a care taker of the president of MICC opened this program and gave opportunities to the attendees to talk about the mechanism of the election. Bro. Abid, Bro. Fadil, Bro. Shariman, and Bro. Rokon explained their ideas. According to MICC rules that the president should be a student, therefore, we selected 3 brothers as the candidate of the president from students and representative of their countries. In this step, Bro. Fadil, Bro. Rudi and Bro. Nakib were selected as the candidates. Then, every attendee only voted one candidate as the president. The result was Bro. Fadil was selected as new president of MICC for 2010-2011. After that we developed the managing committee of MICC for 2010-2011 where Bro. Bilal, Bro. Rudi and Bro. Nakib become the vice president, the general secretary and the treasure, respectively. Subsequently, all committee gave foreword. Finally, this program was closed by doa, dinner and Isha prayer jamaah. We wish new committee of MICC can carry out the mandate well. For more detail about MICC Click here


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