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Farewell Party March 14, 2010

Posted by miemasjid in News.

Alhamdulillah, after Magrib, March 14, 2010; we have performed the farewell party for Bro. Nawawi, Bro. Rokon, Bro. Safuan, Bro. Shahriman and a Sister from Malaysia who will go back to their countries. We would like to thank to Brothers, Sisters and Children from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka communities at Mie prefecture who attend to this program. We are also grateful to Bro. Shirod who prepared foods. The program was started by Quran recitation from the children. They also showed their abilities in recitation of doa. We appreciated to Bro. Nawawi who thought them so they obtained a lot of progresses in the Islamic knowledge. After that, opening speech was conducted by MICC president, Bro. Fadil. He gave appreciation to attendee. Subsequently, Bro. Shahriman, Bro. Rokon and Bro. Nawawi expressed their resolution during stay in Mie. Bro. Shahriman and Bro. Rokon were pleasant to attendee. Bro. Nawawi gave some his intention about always keep in silaturahim, continuity of children class, improvement of MICC activities and the Imam. He also apologized if he had mistakes during interactions. Next, gifts were given by MICC and children to Bro. Shahriman, Bro. Rokon and Bro. Nawawi. Then, doa was led by Bro. Shirod. Finally, we closed the program by dinner and praying Isha together.


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