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Mie Masjid has several activities such as:

  1. Five times prayers
  2. Jumah prayer
  3. Celebration of Eid AlFitr and Eid Al-Adha
  4. Taraweh, Iftar, Lailatul Qadar program, Collection of zakat
  5. Recitation of Riyadhus Shalihin after Fajr prayer
  6. Recitation of Fazail Amal after Isha prayer
  7. Children school
  8. Welcome and farewell party
  9. Conversion to Islam
  10. Sport day
  11. Islamic library
  12. Social responsibility (Donation for disaster, Cleaning day)
  13. Women program
  14. etc.

Inside Mie Masjid Activities from 2009-present

MICC New Masjid Opening Ceremony 2009

 Dinner after Dawah Program             Children’s program

Jummah                                            Cleaning Day

Ramadhan Iftar                                  Eid-ul-Fitr

Sosial activities from 2004-present

Tsunami relief efforts for Indonesia & Sri Lanka (2004):

In December 2004 when a devastating tsunami struck Indonesia & neighboring countries MICC collected donations for the tsunami affected people. Donations were collected from Mie-ken and from different prefectures of Japan and distributed those donations to Indonesia & Sri Lanka.

Earthquake in Pakistan (2005):

MICC also actively participated when people of Pakistan were hit by a huge earthquake in the history of their nation and MICC through students and business man living in the Mie-ken and whole of Japan collected donations for this purpose and helped Pakistani Nation in this hard time.

Flood in Pakistan (2010):

MICC main priority is to help human kind in all matters of life that’s why in 2010 when Pakistani community again needed help MICC collected donations from its center and neighboring prefectures for the relief efforts for Pakistan Flood victims and donated a sum of 400,000 Yen to Imran Khan Flood Relief Pakistan.

Tsunami in Japan (2011):

Our homeland Japan was struck with one of a biggest recorded earthquake & tsunami in 2011 and MICC as always have been in front to help our Japanese Nation in this hard time and collected donations from Muslim community from all over Japan and Submitted cash in Tsu City Office & made a team and sent them to earthquake and tsunami effected areas and provided the victim’s with Food, Drinks, Cloths & necessary requirements for daily use.

Permanent Relief Fund (future plans 2011-12):

MICC as always helped in this regard and the main objective is to help Humanity so that’s why MICC is planning to make a permanent Fund for relief efforts so the organization can give help as quickly as possible Nationwide and Internationally.


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