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Started in the early years of 21st century  the Center started its function and activities on a small scale, from a modest town house situated in Tsu-shi Edobashi Kuromiya. But the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Center aspired to build a new impressive Center in a way suiting its prestigious position and the important Islamic role it plays, and also, to be one of the landmarks of Tsu City. Thus, an overall project comprising a Masjid, a house, a kitchen, and residence for its Imams was planned. The Board of Trustees directed their attention to start with the first phase of this project: The Masjid of Mie-Ken.

History of Mie-Ken & Muslims Cultural and Islamic needs:

Mie Prefecture , is a prefecture of Japan which is part of the Kansai regions on Honshū island. The capital is the city of Tsu. And the total Land area is 5,777.22 km² with a population of 1,855,177. Muslim community is about 600-700 in Mie-ken and there was no Masjid or cultural center for Muslims to fulfill their Islamic & cultural needs. Starting from 2000-01 in Mie University Muslim student population was about 50-60 and they use to pray and do cultural activities in a rented room in Tsh-shi Edobashi Kuromiya. Then it was registered as Mie Islamic Culture Center in Home Office in 2004-05. The Muslim population increased since then and the requirements of cultural and Islamic activities grew also with the people and then MICC decided to get a new and a bigger place for Muslim community to fulfill needs of Mie-ken Muslims as well as Japanese Muslim community & non-muslims in larger perspective.


Mie Masjid was established from August/September 2008 to April 2009.


Who are committee members?

Meeting at Old Masjid (Edobashi Kuromiya apato) on January/February 2009. From right, standing: 1) Bro. Aziz, 2)Bro. Deen, 3) Bro. Mizan,  4) Bro. Noor Badshah, 5) Bro. Ahmad, 6) Bro. Fadel, 7) Bro. Jamal,  8 ) Bro. Abid Hasan, 9)Bro. Abdul Latif, and 10) Bro. Ajmal,  sitting: 1) Bro. Rudi and 2) Bro. Adil

Community help in finding land & donations

To fulfill needs of the Muslim community and to make a Masjid & a community center in start some students delegation came from Malaysia to guide us and then we contacted different Muslim countries embassies here in japan to let us know about the Muslim community living in japan so we can get help from them in finding a land for the MICC and also collect the donations. After getting the help from the Muslim community we found a land in Tsu-shi and started getting donations to purchase the land & for the renovation work for Masjid.

Establishment cost? About 40 million yen


Collecting donation team for Mie Masjid Project was in front of Otsuka Masjid, Tokyo on August/September 2008. From right, standing: 1) Bro. Adil, 2) Bro. Abid Hasan, 6) Bro. Nawawi; sitting: 1) Bro. Hafizi, 2) Bro. Isha, 3) Bro. Ahmad

Installment of land and building:

Final payment was carried out at the house on July 2009. From right: 1) Bro. Abid Hasan, 2) Lawyer, 3) Oya san (the owner) and 4) Bro. Jamal

Renovations of Mie Masjid

Opening ceremony program…After Dhuhur,Sunday April 26 2009

Bro. Noor Badshah was giving speech on the opening ceremony.


1. AZZA AMER - February 8, 2010

Thanks Allah that we saw our brother Adil from Egypt at Mie Masjid.
All must proy for him because he is passing a very difficult time.


2. AZZA AMER - February 8, 2010

You are honestly a symbol of real islam.
Please pray Allah at this holly place to save our brother Adil from Egypt because he needs all good wishing and feeling.
Dalia Amer
Adil’s sister

3. DALIA AMER - February 8, 2010

You are honestly a symbol of real islam.
Please pray Allah at this holly place to save our brother Adil from Egypt because he needs all good wishing and feeling.
Dalia Amer
Adil’s sister

miemasjid - February 9, 2010

Dear Adils sister;

He is one of defenders of Islam. May Allah give him strength, sabar, tawwakal and winning to face this situation.

Azza Amer - February 10, 2010

Thanks very much for your feelings.
We have a very good news that the problems that my brother are
now facing almost to be solved.
Please stay pray for him and for Islam.

Adil’s sister

4. Ahmed - February 9, 2010

ALLAH with you Adel, you are the best representative of Musim,, ALLAH will protect you from all evils,,

5. Adel - February 12, 2010

Dear all brothers
thank you for all your efforts for Islaam, and for DOAA for me.
I am already relaesed and become fine. hope to be in contact.

miemasjid - April 16, 2011

To brother adel.We hope someday you must come tsu mie to visit us and also pray at mie masjid.

6. I. Akatsuka, Ph.D. - August 25, 2012

surprised to know the islamic facility in tu-si (tsu city).
hoping to read a Japanese pages created on this site.

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