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Prayer Times

Prayer times for Tsu city,, click here

Jumah prayer at Mie Masjid:

  • Khutbah: 12.20
  • Shalat: 12.45

Weekly Jumah Khatib Schedule, Click here [I am sorry still not available]

Prayer times at Mie Masjid from  (New):

  • Fajr: 30 minute before finish fajr time
  • Dhuhr: 12.30
  • Asr: 2 hour before finish Asr time
  • Maghrib: 10 minutes after Magrib time
  •  Isha: 8.00 or 9.00 according Isha time
Time-table for Ramadan  in Tsu,Mie.


1. Infran - April 9, 2012

Good information.
I have also found an Air travel prayer time calculator here http://www.bestresortasia.com/travel-deals/news/latest-travel-news/102-air-travel-prayer-time-calculator.html

miemasjid - April 23, 2012

thank you for information

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