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Sukyou Hojin

Sukyou Hojin in progress:

Date: Sunday, January 24, 2010
Time: 19:30 (after shalat Isya)
Place: Mie Masjid
Attender: around 15 brothers
1) Collecting informations how to rigister sukyou hojin from the ministry of justice and other masjids that had experiences like Nagoya masjid etc
2) Searching more than 9 potential  brothers to be the directors
Date: Sunday, January 31, 2010
Time: 19:30 (after shalat Isya)
Place: Mie Masjid
Attender: around 10 brothers
1) Inviting special informants : Bro. Wahab from Nagoya Masjid and Bro. Umar from Kasugai Masjid to talk about sukyou hojin at 3rd meeting.
2) Obtaining 11 brothers as the directors
Date: Friday, 5 Februari 2010
Time: 19:30 (after shalat Isya)
Place: Mie Masjid
Subject: Discussion – registration of Sukyou Hojin
Special guest : 1. Bro. Wahab from Nagoya Masjid
                       2. Bro. Umar from Kasugai Masjid
  1. The attendances were 11 Brothers (1. Bro. Abid hasan, 2. Bro. Ali, 3. Bro. Ustman, 4. Bro. Umar, 5. Bro. Deen, 6. Bro. Noor Basah, 7. Bro. Haidar, 8. Bro. Ajmal, 9. Bro. Rudi, 10. Bro. Jamal, 11. Bro. Shahriman). Due to something, Bro. Wahab could not come. Bro. Umar and Bro. Haidar who were informants, came from Kasugai and Shin Anjo Masjid, respectively. They told their experiences in preparing the documents.
  2. Minimum times to obtain sukyou hojin are around 3 years
  3. Sukyou hojin requirements:



1. Abu Mahdy Sulaiman Hamanaka - September 1, 2011

asslama alaikum, イスラムのホームページ管理人のAbuです。私のホームページのマスジドリストに住所とホームページアドレスを掲載させていただきました。ご確認ください。今後もよろしくおねがします。

2. Abu Mahdy Sulaiman Hamanaka - September 1, 2011


3. Alsahdiq - May 21, 2013

Bismillah hir Rehmahn nir Raheem

To make life easy for the world Muslim Ummah some concerned Muslims have organised to relay authentic Shahahdah of non sighting or sighting of Helaal from many countries across the world, through the under mentioned websites. They do so as their duty to Allah. They do so, feesabelAllah.

The websites are http://www.icoproject.org (in Arabic/ English) and http://www.moonsighting.com (in English)

Different Hijree dates for the same day in Arabia: One will be surprised to see different Hijree dates for the same day as given by news papers in Saudi Arabia and those in Oman, many a times if not always. Why so? Many of the Saudi newspapers give dates from the calendar Ummulqurah as dictated by the government officials. Whereas the Omani newspapers give dates based on actual sighting of Helaal in the sky in Arabia according to Sharia. Hence the difference in Hijree dates between Oman and Saudi Arabia. Saudi newspapers can be seen on: http://www.arabnews.com http://www.almokhtsar.com/ http://www.arriyadh.com/eng/ whereas Omani newspapers can be seen on : http://www.timesofoman.com/ http://main.omanobserver.om/ http://main.omandaily.om/
Strangely enough some other Saudi news papers give dates according to Helaal is seen in the sky in common with the Omani newspapers, these can be seen on: http://www.aawsat.com// http://www.al-jazirah.com/ http://www.arreyadi.com.sa/
The majority of Saudi Ulamah and some Saudi Princes do not want the official intervention in this matter as it is evident the officials in Riyadh enforce a bidah i.e. dates from Ummulqurah calendar which in reality are not in accordance with the Shariah i.e. as Helaal seen in the sky.

A word from KACST president ; The Um Al-Qura calendar is both the formal and civil calendar of the Kingdom, but it may not match the actual visibility of the crescent which is necessary to start the religious months.
KACST President, Chairman of the Um Al-Qura Supervisory Committee Dr. Mohammed ibn Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel Ref: http://www.ummulqura.org.sa/president_address.aspx

The accurate forecast for moon sighting in Makkah can be seen by visiting: file:///F:/MAKKAH%20%202013.htm

A Hadees. To be a “Liar” it is enough that one hears something from somewhere and then goes on to propagate it without confirming whether what he heard is true or not. To find out if the above is Truth is not difficult for anyone as the Helaal is there in the sky to see for whosoever has the will and facility to do so. Everyone in the following of Sunnah of the holy Prophet (saw) goes out to search for Helaal in the sky every month.

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